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Can I take too much arginine?

Arginine has long been considered by nutritionists to be the least toxic of all the amino acids and its consumption, even in relatively huge quantities, seems to have very few adverse side effects. Clinical trials at hospitals in the U.S. and abroad have repeatedly administered 30 to 50 grams or arginine safely to patients without reported problems. Numerous body builders have long taken large doses of arginine with no reported ill effects.

What is the recommended daily dosage of an arginine supplement?

The benefits of arginine supplementation are clearly dose-dependent and can range from between 5 to 30 grams taken orally every day.

Five grams of arginine taken daily appears to be the recommended dosage for the benefit of increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood and preventing heart disease and stroke. However, if you already have a risk factor like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or scored a D or below on your DPA analysis, then I would recommend at least 10 to 15 grams per day until they are all brought under control. You should then take 5 grams in the morning and 5 grams right before bedtime. You should avoid eating protein (by an hour on either side) at the same time you take the supplement because the other amino acids found in the source of protein will block the absorption of the arginine. It is for this same reason you should avoid buying an arginine supplement, which might contain any of the other amino acids like lysine, carnitine, taurine, ornithine, or glutamine. Arginine is the most sensitive of the amino acids and the others will block out its absorption.

Stimulation of the growth hormone will require higher dosages of arginine to be taken at bedtime on a totally empty stomach or 30 minutes before a workout. Male body builders can take 9 to 21 grams depending on body weight, while women body builders can take 6 to 18 grams.

L-Arginine Dose
Cardio Protegen 
Liquid L-Arginine 

Adults: 1 ounce daily. 1 oz. = Two Tbsp.; one tbsp. = 3 tsp.

USAGE: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USAGE. Natural separation may occur. Mix one ounce daily with 1-8 ounces of water or juice if preferred.

Best taken twenty minutes prior to eating. If stomach upset occurs, take with meals. Refrigerate after opening. Store in original container. Protect from heat, light and moisture. Avoid direct sunlight. Store unopened bottles between 56°- 86° degrees Fahrenheit (15°- 30 C°).

WARNING: Not for use by pregnant or lactating women, or persons who have have had ocular or brain herpes. High levels of L-Arginine may cause re-activation of of latent herpes virus in a few susceptible persons. If this occurs, discontinue use. Not recommended for individuals currently taking Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra). Discontinue if allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of the reach of children.

*Disclaimer: THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. All information presented by Good Life International, LLC is for educational purposes only. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended as a substitute for a consultation with your physician. In case of medical questions or uncertainties, the reader is encouraged to seek the advice of his/her own physician or health care practitioner.

L-Arginine News and Information

Erection problems can not only be embarrassing for a man, they can also be a reason for concern. However, as daunting as this event may be, losing erections is a common occurrence among men.
Carduio Protegen Liquid L-Arginine can Aid in reversing Erectile Dysfunction

An erection problem is present when:
a man is unable to keep an erection in order to have sex
a man is unable to have enough firmness to have intercourse
a man is not able to have an erection at all

Although all men have lost erections before or during sex at some point in their lives, if erections are lost repeatedly before or during intercourse (more than 25 percent of the time) this is referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED).

According to a study conducted by the European Association of Urology, moderate to severe erectile dysfunction (ED) is highly prevalent among 5 to 20 percent of men.

The number one mistake a man can make is to think that an erectile dysfunction will go away on its own. Erection problems are a matter that needs attention and needs to be addressed in order to treat it properly and get it solved. Cardio Protegen can help you overcome ED

Why do you lose your erections?
Erectile dysfunction can have several causes:
Cardiovascular disease including hypertension, hypotension and coronary and metabolic diseases
Chronic health conditions such as asthma, problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland, among others
Psychological reasons
Prostate issues
Trauma to the genitalia
Lack of exercise
Poor diet

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Cardio Protegen ~ Living The Good Life

Best Value in L-Arginine Supplement

If you've been looking for a power-packed product that can make a difference in how you feel and can save you money, you'll love Cardio Protegen. Formerly Mega Cardio

Cardio Protegen™
is a powerful blend of over 100 Nutrients including; 70 Plant-Source Ionic Minerals, 12 Essential Vitamins, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, as well as many other Anti-Oxidants. Each serving contains 5000 mg of L-Arginine, 100 mg of CoQ10 and 100 mg of Resveratrol the antioxidant equivalent of 115 glasses of red wine!

One 32 oz. bottle is a convenient month's supply of over 100 highly synergistic nutrients for less than a dollar-fifty a day - probably less than most people spend on that cup of coffee or soda they drink every day!

Brief Discussion of Ingredients:

Each serving of
Cardio Protegen™ contains 5000 mg of the Amino Acid L-Arginine

Each serving of Cardio Protegen™ contains 200 mg of the Amino Acid L-Citrulline

70 Plant Source Ionic Minerals ( 2,000mg/oz ) - Your body most efficiently absorbs minerals in plant source ionic form. Elemental minerals in pill form are essentially rocks, and your body was not designed to absorb rocks. Besides, most pill supplements usually contain only 11 or 12 minerals, not the 70 plant-source ionic minerals in Cardio Protegen™.*

12 Vitamins & Nutrients - large amounts of each element of the B-Vitamin Complex, and Vitamin E, and other specialized nutrients.*

8 Fortified Minerals - balanced amounts of Zinc, Chromium and Vanadium, small amounts of Calcium and Magnesium (larger amounts might interfere with the absorption of other nutrients), superior antioxidant minerals like Selenium, and absorption-aiding minerals like Copper and Manganese.*

8 Specialty Antioxidants: Powerful free radical fighters to support anti-aging* including:
•Grape Seed Extract ( 60 mg/oz ) - Grape Seed Extract is an important source of one of nature's most potent antioxidants, the proanthocyanidins. Research has shown that proanthocyanidins (bioflavonoids) function in the body as anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, antiallergenics and are major free radical scavengers. Proanthocyandins possess up to 50 times stronger antioxidant activity than Vitamin E, Beta Carotene or Selenium.*

•CoEnzyme Q-10 ( 100 mg/oz ) - CoEnzyme Q-10 is essential for human life and health and is needed by every cell in the human body. It is involved in generating 95 percent of the energy needs of your body through the production of ATP, the basic energy molecule. Worldwide studies confirm that CoQ10 can enhance and revitalize the heart, the immune system and cellular function.*

•Resveratrol ( 100 mg/oz ) Resveratrol is the antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes and is a constituent of red wine. Each ounce of Mega Cardio Health Plus™ contains as much resveratrol as 115 glasses of red wine.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids - (1000 mg /oz) from Perilla Oil 4:1 *

Also known as Mega Cardio

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